Heritage of Paisley

Paisley has the highest concentration of listed buildings anywhere in Scotland outside Edinburgh, but many of these are at risk of deterioration or demolition. The aim of this page is to raise community awareness of those at risk.

The cenotaph is 25 feet high with a bronze group by Meredith Williams of a mounted crusader flanked by four infantrymen.
Paisley Daily Express, July 28th 1924 “The idea which the group is intended to convey is that our men in the great war in their splendid determination were animated by the same spirit as the Crusaders, and we’re striving towards an ideal similar to that which stimulated them.”
The monument was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer, the builders Messrs. Neil McLeod & Sons Limited, and the carving work carried out by Messrs. Allen & Sons, both of Edinburgh. The 228 tons of granite employed was supplied by the Shap Fells Granite Company in Westmorland.
Read more and see the video of the unveiling of the monument.
River Cart Flowing by Paisley Town Hall