paisley town hall

Welcome to the website

This website will be all about the Positive side of Paisley, we will focus on the creative side and beauty of our stunning Architecture. Keep checking back for more updates, photos and videos of our town. We are always searching for and updating all good things ‘Paisley’.

Paisley Mural Trail

We are doing our best to keep up with some of the fantastic murals that have been appearing in town as well as the more established ones. Click-Through for as comprehensive a list as you will find anywhere.


Paisley The town centre has the highest concentration of listed buildings of anywhere in Scotland outside of Edinburgh and we have some fantastic heritage.

Vistor Attractions

Most of our main building’s like the museum, Library, New culture centre are being renovated but we have lots more for you to visit, click through to see.

Videos of Paisley

We have a very vibrant and have videos on Paisley from drone footage to small documentaries. The history of the town and every day life, it is fascinating.